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It's all my fault, it's all my fault...The guy's bleeding like crazy and it's cause I did nothing...

Tabi tried to wipe her eyes in attempt to calm herself. She breathed deeply in an attempt to regain her composure. She found herself still shaking, but not crying. She stared down at the ground, brought her legs closer to her and hugged them, not wanting to look at the damage she had caused

"Hey... I need help with this. You're not squeamish, right?"

She turned towards the blonde man, there was a lot of blood to deal with. She had helped some of her fellow skateboarders with minor wounds, but a gunshot wound was something completely different.

Of course it was completely different, it was a freaking gunshot wound! This was a way that she could help him out! She had at least some medical experience, however minimal, but damn it she had to do something!

"Sure...um I can help yah out..."

Tabi's mind tried to wrap around what she had done to heal wounds, or at least to bandage them up...Water! She needed water to clean the area around the wound. She dug her hands into the open bag and found a canteen full of it.

"Um, I'm sorry," she said moving her still shaking arm towards his bloody sleeve, "This is gonna sting a little..."

She moved his sleeve back as far as she could with one arm, revealing the bloody mess that was the wound. She breathed a sigh of relief that it seemed to be a graze, almost like an over-sized cut. She began to pour a little water around the wound in an attempt to clear the blood away. She then screwed the cap back on and rummaged through the first aid kid.

"Um um um...oh here we are! Antiseptic spray!"

She sprayed around the area in an attempt to avoid any kind of infection. She normally used Polysporin to heal the area, but this would have to do.

Tabi finally grabbed the roll of gauze and gingerly wrapped it around the boy's wound. As she did so, she noticed that there was a slim collar around his neck, she had seen a lot of goth kids wearing some sort of collar as a fashion statement, but he didn't exactly look like a goth kid...

"Hey..." she said as she finished wrapping up the bandage, "I uh...I was wondering...wh-who are you and um...what exactly is going on I mean...why was Clio shooting at us?"
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