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(Well, since Raina's still not ready, here I go!)

"Gah!" came a cry from the anonymous boy. "Don't shoot, it's-...!"

Julian stepped in front of her, his weapon primed and his feet dug firmly into the ground. Claire lowered her gun - if only because she couldn't get a clear shot if she wanted to with him standing in the way - and brought her forearm up over her face in an attempt to reduce the glare from the afternoon sun. It still wasn't helping much, matter-of-factly, but the action was more reflexive than anything else.

David quickly identified himself and, in a panic, tossed his day pack onto the ground to show that he didn't plan on hurting them. The thought crossed Claire's mind that he could be tricking them into dropping their guard, but...quite frankly, she didn't give the boy enough credit as an actor to fake panic that well. Which meant that he wasn't a threat to her or Julian. Another relief.

"...Pick it up, Dave. We're not going to kill you," she offered flatly, taking a moment to clear her throat before adding, "...as long as you don't do anything stupid."

A coy smile danced across Claire's lips. It wasn't one of wicked intent; rather, it was meant to disarm any suspicions David may have had about her playing the game. The last thing she wanted was for her warning to sound terribly threatening. After all, what good would provoking a paranoid teenager? Or almost three hundred of them? The ten rounds for her Mini couldn't protect her from all of them. It would be wiser to save them for the loonies.

"...Uh," came an interruption from her side.

Perplexed, Claire turned her head to see a long, dark-haired girl with a gray hairband. She didn't recognize her, and briefly wondered if the girl was even a student at Bayview. The girl seemed to be unarmed, however, so for the moment, Claire turned her attention back to Julian.

"...So, did you follow me here?" She inquired, a curious furrowing of her eyebrows adding the finishing touches. "...If you don't mind me asking, why...?" she wondered aloud, occasionally casting brief glances towards David and Alice to make sure neither of the two whipped out a gun while she was distracted.

Oblivious to the presence of the others in the field, Claire was once more caught off-guard by a voice in the distance.

"Hey! Is everything okay?"

This time, Claire found herself having to turn completely around and put her back to David. The move wasn't wise, but at the moment, she wasn't thinking clearly. Only one thought bounded its way through her skull, like a soldier on a mission.

"Everywhere is so fucking crowded..."

Claire couldn't really make out the two boys in the distance, but since they were polite enough to not sneak up on her, she wasn't quite sure she felt threatened by them, either. Were she watching from the sidelines, she'd probably be asking herself how the hell she was able to think so rationally in this situation...but at the moment, she was only conscious of the boy at her side, the one behind her, and the random other people scattered throughout the field.

"...We're never going to get a minute to talk, are we?" Claire whispered to Julian, her irritation now impossible to mask.
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