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Sunil was unimpressed by Jay's frantic attempts to redeem himself and somehow justify his impulsive actions. His excuse seemed to vary from 'COD told me to shoot all the Indians' to 'I tripped in such a way that I aimed my gun at you and pulled the trigger', but to be brutally honest Sunil couldn't understand half the words Jay was saying. He did manage to gather something about Maria (judging from what Jay said she'd wondered off to go get lost in the forest) and a guy called Daniel (presumably the guy he'd heard leaving, but what relevance that had to the current conversation Sunil had no idea), but he frankly didn't care what Jay had to say. A growing part of him wanted John to just put Jay out of his misery with a little shotgun blast.

However, a boy who Sunil previously had not noticed stepped in front of Jay and began to go on some holier-than-thou monologue about calming down and stuff, turning to Sunil to add "And whoever you are, I'm sorry Jay almost shot you. But he didn't, whats done is done." That comment did nothing but piss Sunil off even more (would Mr. Peacemaker be saying the same bullshit if Sunil had actually been shot?), and the Indian boy gave the newcomer a quick angry glare, before returning to focusing his eyes on monitoring Jay.

By now, John had introduced Sunil to the two other boys and Jay had rambled on about how it was an accident and that they should go find this Maria girl, so Sunil decided to speak again, trying to speak in the calmest yet most authoritative tone he was capable of, yet it sounded more rude and bossy. "Fine. Fine. I'll stay with you guys, I won't bear a grudge...on one condition. You." He pointed at Jay. "You cannot be allowed to carry a gun except in special circumstances. If your first instinct upon seeing a new person when you're carrying a gun is to shoot them, I don't want you having it. That's it."

He returned to his bags, putting them back in his bag. "If you agree, let's head off and go find that Maria girl. If not, well, I can do perfectly fine on my own and I'm sure you can as well."
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