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John listened as Jay's mouth went faster than the speed of light, trying desperately to explain his actions. Well, the one action. He kept calling to Maria, as if the girl would become a human shield or something. John didn't take his eyes off of the stoner though.

"Everyone just shut up and calm down!"

Until the newcomer did that.

"Hey, you're John right? You have a class with Jay right? He said he wasn't playing right? Shoudln't you know him well enough that he would stay true to his word?"

John blinked, taken off-guard by that. What, did this kid stalk them or something? Regardless, the shotgun went lower and away from the pair. He still hadn't pumped it to load the round.

"And whoever you are, I'm sorry Jay almost shot you. But he didn't, whats done is done. If we stay here like this we'll just attract the people who really want to kill us!"

By this point the shotgun was aimed at the leafy ground and John's gaze had softened a little. He was right. There were people who probably wouldn't drop their gun as soon as it didn't fire...

"This is... This is Sunil." John said, nodding slightly towards the other newcomer. "Who're you?"

He wanted to apologise to Jay - the rambling idiot DID stop ninja-Dan from beating him up earlier. Or worse. But with all the tension and stress flying around, that could probably wait. And where WAS Maria...? Maybe that's why Jay was shouting louder and louder for her...
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