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Cyrille watched the cold eyes that were looking towards her. Those of pure hatred. Those that desired to kill. Cyrille knew that the girl she was holding onto was out for blood. She also knew what was coming next. The girl spoke to her with words of malice.

Cyrille felt the girl's legs beings pulled away from her, and then in a sudden movement they came back striking at her head. Cyrille tried lowering her head and manage to avoid receiving a high heel to the face. Instead the shoe stabbed at her head which cause blood to starting spilling out of it. Then another kick came. And another. The girl was repeatedly kicking Cyrille's head. It was painful as each blow came. Each one seemingly adding to the pain she was already feeling in her left eye and back wound.

But she held on, determined, with a new revelation. Slowly as the kicks kept coming, Cyrille was slowly understanding her grandfather's words.

"Cyrille that dog doesn't care that it's small. All it cares about is the safety of it's family. That dog would do anything to make sure they are safe. Which is why it's such a amazing animal. No matter the danger it will do anything, even die, for it's family."

She understood that her grandfather also meant her. She was realizing that his speech was more then just about the dog. It was universal. Cyrille was just like that brave little poodle. She struggled to hold on because her emotions were telling to do it. There was no logic. Just like the poodle she did what she thought was the right thing to do. So she held on with no fear for her life.

And then as if the pain couldn't get worse, a new one suddenly appeared in her left hand. The girl she was holding on to was seemed like a violin. The girl was truly panicking and was desperately attacking her with her violin. Swinging wildly and hitting wherever she could. Cyrille saw one coming towards her head. The sudden blow to her head caused Cyrille to once again bury her head into the ground. She bit her lower lip to prevent herself from screaming, while ignoring the blood coming out from the lip itself. It was nothing compared to what she was feeling from the rest of her body. Cyrille simply stood there as she absorbed blow after blow. Her arms, head and hands were becoming bruised within minutes but again Cyrille held on. Just like the little poodle, she would fight till she died. The pain was a useless reminder that she was going to die. She knew this already. She knew that if she would let go that she would have given up. She wouldn't let that happen. She was stronger. She wanted... No she truly believed in her grandfather's words that even if the little poodle was small and weak, it could still stand strong to any danger. Even after she felt the violin landing a heavy blow that caused a strange cracking noise and intense pain from her left hand, Cyrille held on. No matter the pain or the cost, she would never give up.

Then the violin stopped coming. Cyrille waited a few seconds before taking the chance to look up. She saw Reiko who had just pierced the violent girl with her weapon. Cyrille looked at the girl who struggled to breath. Cyrille didn't register it. Her head was spinning from the several kicks and bashes that had hit her. Her good eye was barely able to see things clearly. Her lower torso was still struggling in its eternal battle with the stab wound it had received. Both her arms and hands were bruised from the several violin blows that had hit her. Her left hand was particularly damaged as it seemed that her thumb and index finger had broken from the severe punishment. Overall Cyrille was a bloody mess that was struggling to stay alive. But she knew her time was up.

I guess... I should say goodbye now... Sorry Vio that... You'll never... See me... Again....

Cyrille shut her good eye as she let herself drifted into the darkness.

And then a voice called out to her. She opened her eye. Barely conscious, Cyrille turned her head slowly to find the new voice.


Her ally had finally found her. Someone that had helped her on the island had come along. She tried smiling at her companion, but with little success. Maybe he could do her a favor. She shifted her head around to look for her beret. She wanted Violetta to have it. If she could give it to Garry then just maybe he could give it to her girlfriend. It would be her goodbye present. One that she personally could not give. She only hoped that the emotions would carry on with the gift.

Finally noticing it, Cyrille reach out with her good hand and pulled it towards her. She took a last look at it. Emotions ran through her as she held the hat. It was given to her by the wisest man she had ever known. His words laid is his hat and guided her everyday. Every action she took the beret was always on her head, as if her grandfather had gave her a constant approval of her actions.

"You'll understand this when your older."

Suddenly those words hit her. Turning her head around, she faced Garry. She lifted her hand gently as she guided his face back towards hers. She then used her good hand to put the beret on his head, albeit in a clumsy fashion seeing the stated she was in. She took a look at the boys face. Funny that Garry looked just like her grandfather when he was younger. Both seemed so strong, kind and wise.

She finally understood her grandfather’s words.

The memory of the little poodle walking down while a young boy held on to a leash to control the poodle. Without the young boy the poodle would attack out of fear and a sense of duty to protect its family. Cyrille had done just the same when she attacked Reiko who had stepped on Cyrille's beret accidentally. It wasn't out of malice but fear of losing the one thing she had of her grandfather. Her family. Just as if she was a little poodle without a guide. She understood now that the little boy was the guide for the little poodle. To guide it properly towards the right actions. Just as her grandfather who had guided her, the little poodle. When she had lost the hat she had lost her guidance.

But now she understood everything. She knew what she had to do. She knew that Violetta would become a lost little poodle when she would hear the announcement of Cyrille's death. Cyrille knew she had to give Violetta a guide. Some shaggy wolf had to guide the little poodle. She knew what she had to ask Garry.

"Garry... Garry listen to me... I don't think I'll... I'll be able to repeat myself... Find Violetta... Give her my beret... Tell her that I love her... But please... Most of all... Don't let her seek revenge... It wasn't Reiko's fault... Don't hold any anger towards her... Just help Violetta... That's all..."

With that her hand began to slip from the beret. It gently went down Garry's face. Arriving at his beard she gently stroked it as her grandfather used to do when he would make a wise comment. Everything was becoming blurry. But at the last moment she noticed the beard she was stroking had turned gray. Cyrille smiled at the newcomer. In her last few seconds she was with the one she loved the most. She closed her eyes with a smile on her face, knowing what would happen next. This time she was drifting into the light.

The little poodle had found the shaggy wolf who would guide her back home.

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