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I think they're mad at me.

Jay flinched back as John began to yell and raise his shotgun. A yelp escaped his mouth as the boy aimed it towards him, spittle flying from his mouth.


Whilst the majority of people would cut and run at this moment, staring down the barrel of a loaded weapon, Jay stood firm. Unflinching he looked on, watching the gun bob, about every so often falling on him before bobbing away again. Some might think that Jay was making his peace with God, unwilling to look away from his inevitable doom. Some may say that he was rather plotting the perfect moment to leap forward and snatch the gun away from John, beat his face in and blow the unsuspecting Pakistani Boy next to him away before he could retaliate. In reality, Jay couldn't hear most of John's tirade, drowned out by inner thoughts. Jay was focused on one thing, and one thing only.

Clenching his ass cheeks as tight as he could manage to prevent any shit from involuntarily flying out.

Jay finally was snapped out of his terror induced state by the other boy finally speaking. He was angry, yes, very angry. And why wouldn't he be? A few moments ago, Jay had nearly killed him.

Oh wait, this guy isn't a Paki. He sounds Indian. I wonder if he sounds that way when he's not yelling at me, or maybe his accent only shows when he's angr-WHATTHEFUCKHE'SGOINGTOKILLYOUJAYSTOPDOINGTHAT

Jay put his hands out in front of him and began to wave them rapidly, as if he were trying to signal to a Driver to slow down his impossibly fast race car before he slammed full into him. He bobbed from side to side erratically, trying to keep the Shotgun sights off him.

This was in that movie! That one movie, when he bobs and weaves and the bullet miss him because he can't get a good bead on him, besides Shotgun Pellets don't go that far, it's just like in the video games, that one guy told me it that one time, except he was drunk and he was probably high, and I think he ended up driving his car into a ditch later that night when I was walking with Jojo and Alex but I can't remember because he's got a gun pointed at me, but it's like in that movie with the British Gangsters where he bobs and weaves or something and he doesn't get shot and I REALLY HOPE I DON'T GET SHOT and they're really mad at me but I don't even have a gun I dropped it over there besides it's empty and fuckin' crap what do I do what do I do what do I do what do I DO, DISTRACTION GOTTA DISTRACT THEM MAKING THEM NOT SHOOT ME-

"GUYS GUYS, LOOK, you're seriously, if you just think for a second I like, no it's not what it looks like, you scared me that's all and I knew it wasn't loaded, it was just like, a bad joke, well not a bad joke, I didn't know but it was just reaction, y'know all these games n' shit CoD is all like, shoot on sight, shoot the terrorists! Not that you're a terrorist dude, I'm not saying all Indian guys are terrorists I'm just saying you startled me and I didn't want to get shot so it was instinct but I knew I couldn't hurt you because I'm not like that, you're right John I'm not like that I- I- I- they can back me up, they know I'm not like that, Jojo and Mari-"

He yelled at a breakneck pace, his voice scratchy and barely legible, overridden by the sheer panic he felt.

Jay turned his head at the sound of running. Maria was running. His eyes bulged in fright. He glanced back towards John and continued his erratic dance.

She ran away from me. Fuckin' crap this is not good. This is not good.

"MARIA wait! Fuck, wait! No, nonono I didn't shoot, I tripped, I didn't mean to fire it, just startled, look guys, you know me, you know I'm chill, I'm not gonna hurt you guys, I'm not gonna do that, it was just an accident, we got bigger things to worry about then an accident, you know it's me, I'm Jay, I'm not gonna hurt anyone!"

How the fuck do I talk when my throat is hurting so fucking bad did I swallow a fucking cat and what the- the fuck did- where- Maria, talk about Maria talk about something else, if you talk about something else they won't want to shoot you and that's good that's VERY GOOD because I REALLY DON'T WANT TO GET FUCKING SHOT keep bobbing my head, just like that, keep jittering around so they don't know where the fuck I'm at, I DON'T THINK THIS IS HOW IT WORKS FUCKING CHRIST SHE FUCKING RAN AWAY THAT'S LIKE, GUILTY RIGHT THERE AN- FUCKIN' FUCK FUCK...

"Maria! Guys, we can't just stand here with guns pointed at each other when Maria just ran off, she's probably scared an', y'know we can't leave her out there alone, you know me it was an accident, John, shit, a few minutes ago, I got them to calm down, that crazy fuckin' firecrotch kicked you in the back, I ran out because I know you're a good guy, can you put the gun down? I know you're a good guy, I ran out to help you, you just gotta trust me, I didn't aim it at you anyway, I aimed it at him, but that's kinda a moot point big fuckin' deal whopididdy-do same thing I know I know! I'm- I'm- point is, I'm just jittery I didn't kill you with Daniel, I didn't- I didn't mean anything now, he just surprised me, you can understand right?! Right John!? Ri- Rig-R-..."

He was left gasping for air as he stuttered to a stop. Jay looked around the clearing, at his assailants. Was it really going to be like this?

He's not gonna buy it. He's gonna shoot me, right here, right now in front of Jojo an' this kid, fuckin' shit a few hours in and you manage to fuck up this bad Jay, you're probably gonna wind up last place, fuckin' dead last, no wonder- you stupid fuck, you antagonized the guy with the shotgun, now you're fucked, fuckin' crap I didn't mean it, I swear I didn't mean it! I'm not a killer, it's not that easy, it was a click, but it's different, it has to be different with the real- it's- I'm not a killer that was an accident, I didn't mean to do anything, nothing happened it's all okay- FUCKING JOHN STOP WITH THE GUN STOP WAVING THE GUN PUT IT AWAY FROM ME YOU FUCKING PRICK STOP IT!

Just like that, there was a flash of movement in front of him. Jay flinched backwards away before he realized it was Jojo, arms spread wide in a peace gesture, separating John and his gun from him. Jay cowered behind the other boy as he spoke.

Jojo Joiner. You fucking Saint. If you wanted, I would be your bitch. No questions asked. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

As the boy talked, Jay couldn't help but stand mouth a gap behind him, the sheer disbelief at what had occurred just then sinking in. He was jarred from his thoughts once more as Jojo looked around, this time talking to him.

"For the love of God, straighten up and say something! I was about to lose it before you found me, I don't want to be alone like that again!"

Aye-fuckin-aye to that.

Jay poked his head out from behind Jojo. As uncomfortably as the thought was, he kept thinking of Jojo as more of a human shield at this point, and it wasn't making him feel much better considering the situation.

"Guys, love and peace, what The Beatles taught you!" He laughed at his horrible joke, a quick stuttering laugh before he began to speak again.

"We- look, PLEASE, don't do anything drastic I just fucked up, I fuck up, you know I didn't mean to hurt you. If I did, shit, we'd probably both be dead right now, earlier in that stand off. Look, we- let's just cool off, let's just go find Maria, please?"

Cool off, calm down, chill out, chill your fuckin' balls, whatever- THAT WOULD BE IDEAL. No more gun pointing, no more yelling, no more throat hurting, no more fucking THINKING because I didn't mean it, and nothing you can say can change that and- and- and fuckin' shit I should have been an alcoholic when I had the chance, even if I'm a fuckin' lightweight, I just wanna' sit down with these guys and just calm the fuck downnnn....
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