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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Ivan shook his head to Tabi's reaction of anxiety, apprehension, or whatever the hell it was. He didn't have time for something like that when so much blood was leaking from his arm. He thought for sure that the wound itself wouldn't be fatal; there were no important organs hit, and he didn't see any blood spurting energetically (would've been ridiculous if a graze, a GRAZE, of all things, were to kill him), but the flow was still deserved some mention and thought. So, the girl was worried about him? Well... GOOD. This was her fault, and a bit of gratitude and fear was definitely nice. He followed her with his eyes as she moved about, sitting down on a rock. Great... it looked like she was about to cry. That was EXACTLY what he needed.

Ivan had a large glob of spit accruing in his mouth from working his jaw in frustration. Instead of swallowing it as he had before, he felt more inclined to spit it out on the ground. He watched the wad hit the rocky dirt with a near-silent splat, almost depressing in its insignificance. If he died, would anybody outside of his family care? Ivan knew he didn't exactly have a ton of close friends on the island... would any of his classmates care if he turned up amongst the dead? He knew at least one of them wanted him dead, possibly two, and both for very little reason at all. Others could be out to get him, and this only served to further the point: Ivan was nothing more than an extra in a large cast of this show. He'd be a statistic when somebody finally offed him.

If that was how it was going to be, at least Ivan was going to have his piece beforehand. He would die on his own terms if he had anything to do with it, and that involved, most immediately, NOT bleeding to death. Giving a short look to Tabi, Ivan walked with a foot-dragging gait over to the fallen log near her rock, sitting down and slinging the daypack off of his shoulders. He remembered checking through it earlier, finding a few important things before everything went even further down into hell than they already were. Digging past the rations for the time being (though this reminded him of his salt-spurred thirst), his hand found the first aid kid. With his trusty 'weapon' at his side, Ivan opened and rummaged through the kit with his left hand until he found what he needed; a small roll of gauze bandaging should've served his purpose just fine.

"... Hey." He looked to Tabi, repeating the verbal jab if she hadn't been paying attention. "... I need help with this. You're not squeamish, right?"
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