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[Seems fair. Sorry about all the skipping, man. Should we continue this in the Church?]

Simon nodded slowly as Rein spoke. A long move like the one they were planning would leave them exposed frequently; a stop in the church might be a good chance to catch their breath and also deal with anyone who wasn't...wanted...on their little expedition.

Expedition. It struck Simon as odd, all at once; how quickly he'd fallen in with this small group. He didn't know any of them, but then...

Then, he didn't know very many people at this school. Up until this point he'd almost ignored them--gone on a hunting trip with one or two of them, seen a few more at the various volunteering projects he pursued, but in general he'd done his own thing and so had they.

They were now being forced to deal with each other. Maybe that was what Danya was counting on.

People aren't like that.

Right. "Good plan," Simon said too Rein. "We'll have to be careful moving, anyways, and the church seems like a good stopping place." He folded his map back up and put in his bag as Carol talked, seeming a little nervous. Not a fan of big bodies of water, that much Simon had picked up on. He let her vent as she went to grab her stuff, taking time to drink some water--he was thirsty, and a bit hungry, but there wasn't time for that just yet, not with as little food as he had.

"If, uh..." Simon started, not wanting to seem to imposing. "If you'll let me, I'll take point. Kari, you and Carol should probably move together--you've got the most firepower, so..." He glanced towards Rein. "You're, uh...you're not exactly well-armed, man, so I think you should hang back. We encounter trouble, we can at least defend ourselves."

He tossed his water back into the bag, pulled out one of the bags of Skittles he'd brought with him, slipping it into his pocket. He drew his gun, looked back at the others.

He didn't know any of them. Could he help keep them safe? Did he want to help keep them safe?

His eyes darted to his gun, and without a thought he flicked the safety off. "Let's go."

And he began to walk slowly from the beach.

(Simon Grey continued in Missing Those Lost)
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