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((Garry Villette continued from Extinguishing the Light of the Future))

'Where did it all go wrong?'

Garry was still coming to terms with what had occured since the quartet of students that he had been a part of had first arrived outside the tunnels. They had been a group, a bunch of individuals with one common goal; find Violetta Lindsberg. And then the group simply crumbled. Cyrille, acting out of impulse, went on by herself. Then Miranda suddenly decided the whole thing was a suicide mission and quit, going her own way, which left Garry and Saul to pick up the pieces and run on after Cyrille.

Except that someway or another, Saul got left behind.

Garry had been so dead set on trying to find Cyrille that it had been several minutes before he caught on that his friend hadn't been following. He attempted to backtrack, follow the path he'd taken to find the tunnel entrance, but to no avail. All it did was disorientate him more, making him lose track of where he was walking. Every tree looked exactly the same as the one next to it and fallen foliage masked the path he'd taken.

"Yeah, I would fare well in the wild," Garry muttered under his breath, wishing he'd been blessed with the tracking skills of his favourite animal. The ji was held loosely in his hand, Garry having considered using like as a hiking cane at one point, but the possibilty of accidentally impaling his foot and/or slicing his hand open didn't appeal to him, so he just held it horizontally.

And then he heard the shouts.

Garry's ears almost pricked up at hearing the screams, angry feminine screams that came from not far away. A sense of worry made itself present when he realised who could be up ahead. 'Cyrille!'

He instantly broke into a sprint, following the noises and darting between the trees, hoping that everything was going to be alright. After a while he arrived on the scene, his heart sinking when it became apparent that it wasn't.

Three girls were in front of him. One of them was lying flat on her back, and Garry's jaw dropped an inch when he saw something imbedded in her throat, blood staining the front of her dress. He regained control of his mouth and tried to speak, only managing a whisper as his brain tried to comprehend what he was seeing.

The girl, Sally Connelley, someone he'd seen working at the ice rink he so often frequented, was lying there. Dead. No longer alive. Reiko Ishida, another ice skater that he'd sometimes seen along with her twin sister, was standing over the dead girl. 'Did-did she kill her?!' he frantically thought. It just didn't seem plausible that it had happened, it couldn't have. And then lying close to Sally was... "Oh shit-CYRILLE!"

He got his voice back.

Garry immediately ran over to the downed girl and knelt down beside to check for signs of life. She was still breathing, but looked to be in an extremely bad way. Her clothes had a lot of blood on them, and when Garry looked at Cyrille's lower back, he could see a stab wound that produced vast quantities of the red stuff. 'Oh no... this isn't good at all,' he worriedly thought. "C-Cyrille, it's Garry," he spoke to the girl, then looked up towards the sky, completely ignoring Reiko. "Oh God, please don't let her die."
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