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The seconds before William dropped his gun by his side seemed to tick by as slow as years, floating past in limbo as Dominic stared down the barrel. Flashes of memory, old regrets flickering past his mind's eye like a camera set on fast-forward, blurring colours and emotions together. The things he'd wanted to do. Plans. Ideas. Faces smiling, smiling like...like Tiffany, smiling at him, from William's side, a smile like everything was going to be okay again.

Please. I want everything to be okay again. Barely paying attention as the tall boy stuttered apologies, as Tiffany comforted him, Dominic remained standing. Old words in his ears, from years long past, Abigail with her long hair. Dominic's fingers in the thick dark strands, weaving them into a braid. Abby watching him with big eyes, Dom? Is there such thing as God? Trusting him to tell her the truth and Dominic, hands stilled on the long plait, telling her softly I don't know.

Kaylee says there is.
Testing him just a little. Wanting to see him give her the answer, not take it second-hand from a friend. Wanting a real answer, not just the quiet uncertainty.

I think. Picking up the brush and bending his head to his work, I think there's something more to the world. A higher power. I think things happen for a reason, and everything always works out in the end. Maybe that's God and maybe not, but I think you have to decide for yourself.

Little Abigail, not so little now, nodding. Accepting the answer. And Dominic believing it because that was just how things went until he woke up on some godforsaken island with someone pointing guns and firing them and please, please, if there is a God - I've believed. I've believed and I've not fought and I've let things go and I don't regret because everything happens for a reason but I don't understand this. And I don't see how there's a reason for this and I. I believed. And I don't want to die, goddamn it, "I don't want to die!"

The sharp words in the still air startled him back, eyes flying open as he saw that Tiffany was already setting off towards the woods, William just standing and staring at him. Try as he might, Dominic couldn't remember what had been said. He couldn't remember the last moments, but the clarity of Abigail's question seemed more real than this graveyard of trees.

He didn't know what to say. There was nothing he could say. This was all wrong. And he didn't know how to fix it, but he did know that he couldn't stay and that was when he backed up a step, almost tripping over the driftwood, and fled. Desperation and sand hampered his steps, but he didn't notice. Each footfall was a question, repeating over and over in his head. But not Abby's question, this time. His own.


((Dominic Stratford continued in If That Looking Glass Gets Broke))

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(so you've got to keep in mind, when you try to change the world for the better not everybody's gonna be on your side)
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