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((Tabitha "Tabi" Gweneth continued from A Solitude That Asks Nothing in Return))

Tabi had clutched the blondes hand as tight as she possibly could have when it had been reached out to her. As she did so, she began to squint and looked only ahead of him, tunnel vision taking hold of her. Her breath becoming heavy as she moved forward, turning into heavy panting. It wasn't until her rescuer stopped and let go of her hand that she began to realize where she was and how far she had gone. The pines of the forest were now sparse and the elevation had caused her ears to feel stuffy with the increase in pressure.

Tabi bent down, her hands on her hips, as she tried to regain her breath. Her whole body felt uncomfortable. Sweat beaded to the bridge of her nose, mixing in with the mud and grime of the swamp and dropping down into the gritty dirt bellow. She wiped her arm around her lip in an attempt to remove the snot under her nose and the blood that was pooling around a cut lip. She swallowed hard, and the pressure that was in her ears, dissipated into nothing.

When she stood back up and turned to her companion, she saw the blood...

It stunned her for a moment, at first it looked like a bizarre tattoo that was running down his right arm. However when the blood began to drip into the rock face she screamed. She had only seen this much blood once or twice in real life and those times there was an ambulance minutes later.

"Oh my god, oh my god! Are you alright!" she said, running over to the bloody arm stretching her arm out to it, "Can I do anything to hel-"

"Well, hope you're happy!"

Tabi reeled back, staring straight at the harsh blue eyes. She felt so small right then, the continued stare caused her to wilt away from him, fresh tears welling up into her eyes. He was right, it WAS her fault, it's because she was saved by him that he had been shot at by Clio.

"I'm s-s-so-so sorry" she sobbed turning her back to him, "I didn't mean for y-you to ge-get shot..."

She moved over to a nearby rock and sat down, she placed her arms onto her knees in an attempt to stop them from shaking but to no avail. This wasn't supposed to happen! She was supposed to go to a park and camp, have the time of her life and graduate.

"I don't even know where I am," she thought aloud through the sobs, "I don't even know who YOU are! I'm just s-so sorry..."
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