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Well, everything seemed to be going alright, even though the possibility the map was faked was a very real one. John seemed to be like a good guy to have backing you in this kind of situation, and hopefully Jay and Maria would be just as easy to get on with. Sunil decided to put the map in his pocket (along with the compass) and do one last check in his daypack to see if he had a weapon. Maybe it was something stupid like a string or an extra cracker or something. Regardless of whether he had a weapon or not, hopefully the rest of John's little group would come back soon and they'd all be able to come up with an efficient and clever plan to get out of this, or at least survive as long as possible.

As if on cue, the other, larger part of John's group came back from their bag-hunting expedition at that exact moment. And before the boy could even register their presence, Jay had already started shouting and spazzing out like Sunil was the madman waving a gun about. Before Sunil could react to this, let out a yelp, form a coherent thought or even finish changing the expression on his face, he heard a distinctive click.

Jay had pulled the trigger.

The bastard.

Judging by the fact it was only a click, not a bang, Sunil guessed the gun wasn't loaded. The fact he didn't have any glaring holes in him supported that theory, and as what had happened slowly began to sink into Sunil's mind, he found himself focusing his eyes, ears and thoughts solely on Jay, the boy who very well could have killed him there and then if he hadn't been so lazy or incompetent with loading his gun. Shaking from fear and shock, Sunil stuttered, trying to form a response to the barrage of questions from this Jay guy. All he could do was squeeze onto his bag to try and stay as calm as possible.

After what seemed like a century, a painful, gruelling, confusing century, Sunil's thoughts settled down enough that he was able to notice that John had obviously been pissed off by Jay's trigger-happiness and had his shotgun aimed at Jay. His mouth agape and his body quivering, Sunil was finally able to muster up the strength to speak, quietly muttering "What the fuck was that for? All...all, I did was just find a classmate and talk to them." Sunil paused to let a nervous chuckle, his eyes concentrating on a rotten leaf on the ground, his emotions running all over the place and small parts of his mind still unable to accept the reality of what had just transpired.

Sunil continued, his voice slowly becoming louder and more confident as the normally meek boy subconsciously realised that Jay was unable to do much with an unloaded gun in his hands and a shotgun in his face, and anger began to take over from the shock and fear, "You know, because this is a fucked up situation, all I did was talk to him and then you come back here and see me talking to him, and like a fucking retard, you decide to fucking spazz out and fucking shoot me. And the only reason I'm still alive, is because YOU'RE too fucking stupid to recognise that in a situation like this, loading a gun is quite a fucking good idea, and shooting random people willy-nilly like some paranoid fuck is not gonna help you survive for very long." By now, Sunil was standing up, his daypack dumped, clumsily at his feet, his fists flenched, his face twisted into an expression of pure fury and his voice as loud as possible without full-on shouting.
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