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“Let go of m-!”

Sally’s last words dissolved into a bloody gurgle. To her, the first indication of anything wrong was her inability to complete her thought, then came the pain. She couldn’t even crane her neck down enough to see what it was that was blocking her airway and speech; all she could see was the handle of the weapon when she lowered her eyes down to their absolute lowest point. She struggled to breath, but each attempt raked at the object lodged in her throat. It mocked her as she tried desperately to breath, speak, turn, do anything.

Sally fell backwards so that she was flat on her back. Somewhere up above her she could make out the face of Reiko, starting to slowly fade away with everything. The pain, Reiko, her anger was all slipping out from her grasp. Her hand which was up at the protruding object, feeling the thing, slipped down from her throat, down her dress. The most expensive thing in the entire world was now streaked down her front and pouring from her neck, covering her in her precious little life.

Her body began to shake of its own accord, realizing now that there was no air. The aching in her lungs overpowered the sharp sting of metal cutting into her. As everything swam in her eyes and things began to grow dim the one clear feeling that she felt beyond all others was the disappointment that sank in her chest like a rock.

But….she cheated. I was the best this time! I would have won! I was the best....

After a moment all movement stopped. As the light left Girl #119’s eyes all she could think about was how she had been bested by Reiko Ishida, despite wanting it more, despite being better skilled, despite being stronger and smarter.


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