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Cyrille's intervention was unexpected, but more than welcome to Reiko. She didn't understand why the injured girl had decided to do so, but it gave the small girl the chance she needed. Sally focused her attention on the other girl, leaving herself completely exposed. Reiko gripped the sai in her left hand, watching as the blonde girl brutally kicked Cyrille in the face, later bringing a violin (her weapon?) to bear, slamming it into the fingers of the hands gripping around her leg.

Reiko wasn't sure if she could bring herself to do it. With Cyrille, it had been in the heat of the moment, the adrenaline guiding her movements. This time, it would be a complete conscious decision on her part. Sally continued to attack Cyrille, who was doggedly hanging on. Her face and hands were being brutalized, and yet she was still determined to help Reiko, the girl who had probably fatally injured her.

Something about the situation forced Reiko to move into action. Cyrille was more or less helpless, and Sally was still mercilessly brutalizing her. Sai in hand, Reiko stood up momentarily before lunging at the blonde girl. With a quick scream, Reiko buried the point of the weapon into the first part of Sally's body she saw. The sai lodged itself into the girl's throat, brutally cutting off her final words.
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