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i'm not upset
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Sally continued to draw back on the necklace, leaning all of her weight back to get the maximum pull.

“Oh Reiko. Didn’t you know? Little Asian girls are best seen and not heard!”

She felt the unexpected blunt contact of something against her chin and when she looked back down there was nothing where once there was Reiko gasping for air. She spun on her heels, not wanting to lose track of her opponent. Just as she did, she was greeted with a surprise kick to the knee. Normally she would have been able to gracefully recover from the blow, but she felt her legs get pulled out from under her. Sally screamed at the sudden loss of her prized balance and fell face forward onto the ground.

She pushed herself up and turned her head to see what had got a hold of her. It was the girl that Reiko had stabbed earlier. Sally seethed and threw daggers with her eyes at the girl.

“I’ll be happy to show you into the grave since you’re an impatient little cunt,” she snarled.

She kicked at the girl with all her strength. She felt as the pointed tips of her pretty shoes became stuck in sinking flesh underfoot. Sally couldn’t quite make out what she had hit in her flurry of anger and blonde hair, but the girl still kept hold of her legs. She balled her fists and whined.

“Arrg, Get your filthy hands off of me!” she screamed.

Sally reached out for her bag which had fallen near hear, unzipped and pulled out the violin. She twisted her body as much as she could with the other girl still holding her and brought the violin down on her.

“Let go, let go, let go!”

She seemed almost panicked now as swung the violin down on the girl in no discernable pattern, nor with any real goal except to hit her as hard as she could. Somewhere in her flurry of beatings she heard a “crack.” Whether the crack came from the violin or from something in the other girl, she couldn’t know, nor did she care.
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