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"But... passing out... is my favorite... hobby"

Hayley couldn't help but smile, or at least put on something resembling a smile, at this. Alex was acting so normal, considering that he's just been, you know, shot in the fucking arm. Her emotions spun confusedly, a colorful whirlwind- depression, amusement, confusion, terror, rage. Rage rage rage. Lots of rage.

Not right now, though- there were more important things to think about. Like, for example, how she was going to get this wound clean.

"AHHhh-- Fuck"

Hayley felt her eyes well up with tears instantly- he's in pain, he's in pain and it's ALL MY FAULT- but she wiped them away impatiently, smudging her eyeliner as she did so, oh that's real attractive Hayley, what-the-fuck-ever-right now! Seriously! She shook her head and took a better look at the now-exposed wound.

She winced. It hurt to look at. And she'd never seen anything worse than a scraped knee in real life.

The water she'd poured had washed away some of the blood, but it was still oozing from the wound, and she knew that water wasn't enough to really clean the wound. She'd need something...alcoholic.



Suddenly the memories came back to her as she dug the flask from her back pocket- vodka, She'd had trouble thinking of a use for it, and here it was. But she didn't want to pour it straight on the wound- that would be both a waste and most likely REALLY painful. She thought for a moment about tearing off a piece of her dress to dab the wound with- that seemed to happen on TV an awful lot- but then it occurred to her that that probably happened on TV because fanservice is god, and she happened to have gauze for that purpose. She poured a bit of vodka onto a piece of gauze- maybe about a third of the contents, and slowly, slowly, slowly, patted the wound with it.

"Charlene...I wouldn't say she's okay, but, fuck, honestly, she looks better than you..."

Hayley shook her head as she finished her cursory disinfecting routine. She had no idea if Alex would be any better off now that she'd done it, but she wasn't a fucking doctor, she was a pissed off teenager, and she in fact had no idea how any of this worked. But she was sure as fuck gonna try. She pressed the gauze down on the wound, moving to wrap the bandage around the gauze.

"This is how they get us."

Hayley paused for a moment. She was confused at first- what the fuck was he talking about- but then she realized.

He was right. Jon started playing, that flipped all of their switches. Everyone was in game mode.

...At the very least, she was.

And as much as she loved Alex, that wasn't about to change.

"Pretty much. Puts a damper in your whole idealism thing, doesn't it. Heh..."

Hayley let out a half-hearted chuckle as she bandaged Alex's wound. Her eyes told the real story. She was a ball of compressed rage.

She barely even noticed that her hands were covered in blood.
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