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In all of about ten seconds, everything had gone from perfectly fine (well, as fine as could be in this situation) to totally fucked up. Where there had once been calm discussion, the volume level had, due to the urgency of the situation, risen considerably.

Even so, Charlene couldn't hear anything. She was in such a state of mental shock that she had essentially tuned out everything around her, even Madelyn's attempts to help. It wasn't until Madelyn touched her leg wound when Charlene exhibited a return to alertness.


Madelyn's contact with the wound in her leg had caused her to feel the pain that had been delayed by the shock of the whole situation. In fact, the pain seemed to come in on overdrive, sending a white-hot flash through her leg before dulling down somewhat. She craned her head up off the ground to see Madelyn bent down over her leg, pouring water on her leg. She was about to ask Madelyn what the hell she was doing when she spoke up.


"Whuh - what the hell?" She now noticed that her left leg from the knee down was exposed, the result of her pant leg being ripped off. She was about to ask why when she noticed the cut on her leg. "What happened? What did he do?" Had she been merely watching, or in some way used to being shot at, the answer would have been patently obvious: she had been hit in the leg. Of course, in the shock of being shot, Charlene was now fully alert, but she still wasn't fully rational. As such, that thought wasn't really occurring to her. Neither was the fact that Alex had been hit in a much more vital area.

"What the fuck did he do?"
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