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((Jimmy Robertson continued from The Cult of ...))

Jimmy didn't really have any direction in mind when he walked off. Since there were no danger zones and little chance of meeting anyone actually playing the game, it didn't really matter. His mind wandered off a little as he stopped occasionally to let Alan catch up.

It's like that experiment ... who did that one? Anyway dog, two bowls of the same amount of the same type of food at equal distances from said dog. Dog's going to go to one of the two, we just don't know which. All Jimmy had to do was replace "dog" with "person," and replace the type, amount and distance of the food with the chances of finding a player, whether there was a danger zone, and whether there was any shelter. They all roughly evened themselves out to form a situation where there was no right or wrong direction. In any case, Alan had stopped to sit down on one of the tree stumps. Looking at his map and compass, Jimmy figured that they were in the southern portion of the cleared forest.

Of course, we're not exactly safe here, but then again, where are we safe? The fact that there were only logs and stumps meant that hiding was pretty hard, and the slope of the ground made it difficult for him to keep his footing, having already slipped twice.

How come we haven't met anyone else? Is the island that big? Jimmy scanned the environment around him, looking for people that would hopefully not attack on sight (Like many others, the game was starting to get to Jimmy. He knew that some people would fold eventually. How else were the previous three ... no, four games played to completion?). His eyes stopped upon happening on the group of four to his east (consisting of Julian Avery, Alice Boucher, Claire Lambert, and David Meramac, but from about one hundred meters away, it was hard to even be able to tell that there were two guys and two girls). The big question was simple: How are they feeling? If they were scared, there was a decent chance that they would attack, but if they were calm, they'd probably give him a chance to plead his case and not attack him or Alan unless provoked. Of course, given the fact that they were a group, they were rational enough to trust each other and not attack on sight (Jimmy didn't know that only Julian and Claire were in the "group:" they had, out of fear, unintentionally intimidated both David and Alice when the two had happened upon Julian and Claire). He looked at Alan.

"Alan. There's a group over there. They seem friendly enough, so I think it's a good idea to check them out." He jerked his head to the four people in the distance. He turned toward they group and walked towards them. At about fifty meters, he spoke up, making sure to keep his sword visible and as non-threatening as possible (he didn't want to scare anybody more than they already were):

"Hey! Is everything okay?"
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