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((Ivan Kuznetsov, continued from A Solitude That Asks Nothing in Return))

His eyes had not left the position from which they were locked. Dead ahead, squinted attentively, focusing on where he needed to go, that was all that mattered to Ivan. If it weren't for the tight grip his hand had on Tabi's, he would have no idea whether or not she was lost. Ivan wished he could let go, as his right arm was in searing, white-hot pain, but as much as he wanted for the pain to go away, as much as he wanted to be alone, his body wouldn't allow him to have either. For whatever reason, he was intent on having this girl stick around. He tried to justify it with some ulterior motive based on survival: using her as a meatshield, an extra set of eyes, something that wasn't just her company.

Ivan didn't need the company of some random girl he hardly knew, he needed the company of his brother, his aunt, his mother. He needed to be home.

His body was drenched with sweat and, at least for his right arm, what was probably blood, but Ivan hadn't dared to look. He had to cover as much ground as possible, get away from Clio, away from that gun, away from what could have very well been death staring him in the face. To think that some of his classmates had already started losing their composure and attacking. Well... that was all the more reason to stay away from as many people as he could, at least until he could get his mind into order, do what needed to be done. The girl... Tabi, she had said her name was Tabi after he had thrown her to the ground (where she had subsequently pissed herself... how promising). She seemed healthy, but at the moment, fundamentally useless. Still, something drove him to keep her around.

As Ivan allowed his body to slow down, the adrenaline seeping away from him, the first thing he had noticed was just how much his arm hurt. This was the sort of pain he was familiar with; he had once ripped his shoulder open on a piece of chain-link fence that had snapped into a couple of jagged pieces. That was acute pain, just like this. More short-term terror, but as Ivan hissed through his teeth to try and combat the sting, he could at least fall back on the memory of when he had twisted his shoulder. That was far worse.

The second thing that came to him was that this area was dramatically different from the woods on the edge of that salty beach. The trees had thinned, and the terrain was more rocky, more mountainous. It had been that way for a while, as well; for all he knew, he could be halfway up a damn peak. He would have to slow down his pace anyway if he wanted to get anywhere, which Ivan reluctantly did. He looked at the girl that he had been dragging with him all this time, to her scared face, then to her hand, which he let go of. The very next thing that he saw was his arm, and the jagged streak that ran almost perfectly horizontal to his shoulder.


That was all he could utter at first. Ivan took a step or two, letting his umbrella fall at his feet. So, he had really been shot. That whore, that cunt, she had really shot him. Well, of course she had. It wasn't like that sharp pain in his arm was a mosquito or anything, but Ivan had hoped that maybe he had just scratched it, or... or damn it, something! It was a stupid thing to hope, but anything was better than this, better than bleeding this much blood.

"Shit... shit... SHIT!" He built up to a scream, clutching his shoulder with his left hand and turning on his heel to glare at Tabi. "Well, hope you're happy!" He snapped at her. Maybe it wasn't fair to Tabi, but he really could care less about her feelings at the moment. He got shot over getting her out of there, so she better at least be of some use to him later. The very least he could do at this moment was survey his surroundings. A few trees, rocky dirt, a fallen log that they could sit on... the basics. Oh, and a girl who still had a giant wet spot over her crotch.

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