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"So, shall we begin our merry adventure?"

"No time like the present!"

And on that note, Joshua began to make his way back up the mountain pathway, motioning Everett to follow along. Getting up the mountain was surprisingly more hard work then it was getting down... Well, Joshua was surprised anyway. Being the kind of guy whose never gone on a proper hike before meant that he was more than a little unprepared for the tiring task ahead of him.

Nevertheless, he trudged on wearily with the same hope and determination as before. He had to stand tall for Everett, make sure the poor guy didn't break down like he did earlier... And he can't really do that if he showed just how tired he was getting.

"Man... Who'd of thought it'd take longer to get up... Then it'd be to... Get down..." he puffed as he made sure to help out Everett whenever he had trouble catching up. After all, if Joshua was having such a hard time getting up the mountain then it didn't really take a genius to figure out that Everett would have an even HARDER time doing so.

Eventually, the familiar sight of the wooden bench came into view once more. And sure enough, right there next to it lay Joshua's forgotten and THANKFULLY untouched duffle bag. Whilst Joshua was too optimistic to believe anyone would be sick enough to play along, he'd carelessly lost enough I-Pods and wallets to thieves to believe that there'd be more then a couple of guys willing to steal stuff to survive here.

He hurried over to his bag, briefly tripping over himself as he did so. And as luck would have it, laying barely a few feet or so away from it was the small metal stick thingey Joshua had received as his weapon. He picked it up, kissing it and cradling it in his arms as if it were his own child. It didn't occur to him that this may have looked somewhat odd in front of Everett until he looked over at the overweight boy's reaction. After doing so he immediately straightened out and cleared his throat.

"Man... For a second there I thought i'd end up forgetting this. No idea what it is though... Some kinda metal katana-stick thingey or something? I dunno... Don't suppose you have any idea what it is do you? Not that it really matters or anythin'. Doubt theres much you can do with it other then hitting stuff. Not that i'm complaining..."

It was at that point that Joshua realized that, whilst he had a general goal in mind to achieve (Namely getting the hell off this crazy island) he'd yet to come up with any decent ideas on how to actually do so. Or even what they should be doing next. He said earlier himself that they should look out from their vantage point, but the question on his mind was WHERE exactly? I suppose I could always ask Everett...

"Anyway, uh... Sooo... What now? Got any ideas?"

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