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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Evelyn was completely nonplused by the aura of bad attitude floating around the gazebo. Lord Fucktard revealed himself to be none other than Max Lombardi. Suave-poser eats shit down a hill. Who was surprised? Were you surprised? I was surprised, Evelyn snarked silently while maintaining her smile.

The Asian girl in the gazebo pissily stalked off. It was one of the Ishi-something twins. Ricky or Ricka or something. They were identical and their parents thought it was cutesy to name their girls like, the exact same name, or some crap. And one of them was an ice skater. Sally would know, but of course, she’s not here. Not that it mattered since the girl was leaving anyway. That's okay. I get along better with boys anyway.

The second boy asked her how she was doing. He seemed normal enough, and at least had the decency to not be all emo or lame like his compatriots. “I'm doing okay enough. Actually, I was wond-.”

Evelyn’s sentence got cut off as Janet Claymont rose from a flowerbed like some kind of trailer trash Venus rising from the sea. But that would imply Janet had some of Venus’ beauty, grace, or glamour. Mostly, Janet just looked like some low-class hungover skank who was in the first stages of sobering up. The question she barked out did nothing to endear her to Evelyn.

She gritted her teeth to keep the exasperated sigh from escaping her. Oh, for FUCK’S SAKE! Just look at her! Granted we’re on this…where ever the fuck we are, but this shit is being broadcast and we have an image to up hold! And just WHO does this bitch think she’s talking to?!

Evelyn bounced forward towards Janet, her arms open wide. “Janet,” she cooed. “I'm so glad to see you!” Embracing the other girl in a punishing hug, Evelyn squeezed as hard as she could before releasing Janet and stepping back. Giving her a critical once over, she flashed the other cheerleader a concerned look. “Honey, what happened to you? You’re a hot mess. Have you seen any of the other girls?”

Evelyn brushed off the stray flower and few twigs that Janet had so thoughtfully transferred onto her shirt during their contact and fluffed her hair before addressing the boy and Maxwell. “Speaking of which, have either of you seen any of the cheerleaders? I mean, besides Princess Flowerbed here. Oh, and Nik Kronwall.”
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