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Can you hear me?
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((Alright, fixing the post order. It should go me-Grim-Rattler-Sky. Change it and I will eat you. XD))

Soon enough, discussion started on where they should go.

Kari had asked where to, and soon enough a map was pulled out. Carol looked over her shoulder, and looked at it. Simon had done the same thing, of course, but Kari was closer.

"Uh... anywhere where there isn't water would be nice..." she said, for lack of anything better to say. Really, what was she supposed to say? She didn't see anything that would be okay hide-outs...

Ah! The warehouse! Of course. It might have some supplies in there, if the terrorists didn't take everything out, and it was nice, big and probably crowded with boxes, perfect for hiding. Simon had also mentioned the tunnels and the forests, but said that the tunnels weren't a good idea since he had just gotten out of them. Carol briefly wondered if he encountered anyone "bad" while there, but immediately afterward he started on the forest, saying they should also be avoided.

Then Rein mentioned there being a church that they could stop and take a rest at. A church... it was just like when in a movie, game or something, the final climax would be right near the top of some cathedral or anything else "religious" based. In a way, Carol had found those scenes awesome, even though there was usually no reason why they were fighting in "God's House"; it was just to be symbolic, she was guessing. In spite of herself, she smiled.

"Okay... church... then warehouse? Good plan?" Carol looked around at the group.

Carol jumped as she felt someone hold her by the shoulders. A quick glance behind her told her that it was Rein, asking if she was alright and needed any help.

Did she?

Carol slowly closed her eyes. The water was still threatening to come close, any second now... any second now... she was still feeling a little unsteady... her heartbeat and breathing wasn't any better...

"Okay... just let me get my things, okay?"

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