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Towards midday on the first day of Survival of the Fittest (Version Four), a small and thoroughly livid girl stomped through the some of the last remaining forest on the island.

Fuck my school. Fuck that fatass who sent us out here. Fuck this rock- At this point, she kicked aside a small stone that had been in her way- Fuck humanity. Fuck... ugh. The young girl allowed herself to collapse onto a fallen log.

Her name was Jackie Myrie, and she was not supposed to be here. Maybe the rest of her class was, but not her. She had a family. She had pets relying on her to take care of them. She was needed in Bayview. She was not meant to die here by the hands of some idiot who she'd insulted in Algebra or something. Someone comes near me, they'll regret it. But she knew this was futile- even if she could bring herself to actually hurt someone, the terrorists seemed to have forgotten to supply her with a weapon like she'd seen some people marching around with.

Jackie looked through her bags again to double check, but sure enough, there was nothing she could hurt someone with. Just a bunch of food, her regular luggage, and some booklet about survival. Fuck tha- but wait... underneath the bread was a shiny cellophane package with a plastic set of vampire teeth.

"Oh my god, are you serious?" She said aloud before tearing open the package with her own teeth. She stared at them for several seconds, and then, without thinking, put them in her mouth over her teeth. They didn't quite fit, however, and she probably looked ridiculous, so she took them out. There was some blood on the little plastic seam where it had scratched her gum, and the rest of the teeth had a faint green color that suggested they glowed in the dark. Great. Instead of a weapon, they'd given her something that would only hurt her and at night, bring attention to her. She couldn't even take her own life if she wanted to. Was this some kind of joke?

Jackie suddenly realized that it was very hot. Adjusting her position on the ground, she brought her knee towards her and began to unzip the bottom half of her black cargo pants, turning them into shorts. What else had she brought that she could use to protect herself? She'd seen a movie once where a girl stabbed someone with a pen. Could you do that in real life? If not maybe she could strangle someone with a belt or chain... or she could clobber someone with a book, or one of those loaves of bread if it got stale enough. If she survived long enough.

For lack of any better ideas, the girl laid down on the ground, not caring if her hair got dirty or if someone more vicious found her there. For the moment, Jacqueline Myrie didn't care about anything at all.
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