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Acacia let out a short laugh as Roman commented on her waving around of the gun. If it had been loaded, she was sure that she'd have been more wary of it, but right now it felt as useful as a toy, or an empty water gun. She looked at it, and shool her head, briefly following Roman's gaze towards Alice's retreating back. She turned back to him, and turned the gun to one side, showing him that it was empty. Then she fished the rounds out of her pocket, shrugging, holding them separate from the gun, clutching both of them hard enough that they couldn't be just grabbed, hopefully, not that she didn't didn't trust Roman (she'd never had any reason to mistrust him after all), but you never knew. This kind of situation changed people, she knew that much.

"It didn't come loaded," she said, looking almost pleadingly at Roman, "and I'll be honest, I don't even know where to start," her voice took on a hysterical edge towards the end, as she became gradually more certain of her own hopelessness and how little she knew about, well, anything. In all her life, Acacia had always strived to put herself into comfortable situations; high school she could do, tennis courts were her second home, she sat at the same table in the canteen every day. Familiarity; that was the thing. And the reason she didn't know how to use a gun was because she had no intention of ever needing to use a gun.

"What did you get?" Acacia asked, somewhat glumly.
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