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Cyrille stood still as the girl crawled away from her. She didn't want to get attacked again. She was already in immense pain and the fear of being stabbed again was definitely not what she wanted. What she wanted was for the pain to go away and to go back home with Violetta. It was the only thing she desired but she knew it was impossible. Whatever the girl had stabbed her with had probably pierce something vital. It was painful and seem to drain her energy away.

So this is it huh?

No more seeing Vio, Rachael, her friends or her mother. No more visiting her home town to see her grandfather's grave. Thinking about her grandfather, Cyrille look around to find her beret. It was only a short distance away from her. She wanted it. She somehow manage to find another reserve of strength and manage to stand on her knees and hands. Her lower torso and eye scream in pain as she moved but she ignored it. She had all the time in the afterlife to cry in pain. She didn't have that kind of time now. Stretching her arms out, she began to crawl towards the beret while grimacing in pain.

Grandpa I'm coming for you...

She heard a new voice. Looks like someone else arrived on the scene. They also seem to know the girl that Cyrille attacked. Cyrille simply ignored it as she kept crawling.

Sorry that I screwed up Grandpa...

She was now withing arm's reach of the beret. She reached out towards the beret. Her hands grasp the hat as she pulled it towards her. With it Cyrille let herself lie on her stomach. She laid the beret beside her face as she wept. This wasn't how she wanted to die. Not in some stupid remote location. She wanted to die like Grandpa. With loved ones.

Vio I need you... Please... Come here quickly...

She heard some struggling behind her. She manged to turn her body around to face the new conflict between the stranger and Reiko. She watched as the new girl was strangling Reiko. Cyrille watched with slight shock. She wasn't expecting the new person to suddenly attack Reiko the same way she did. Of course there was a difference. Cyrille did it out of rage. This girl was out to kill.

Is there really a difference between you two?

Cyrille knew better. She knew her attack was a accident in which she should of never done. The new girl on the other hand was obviously playing. But for the Reiko girl it was the same thing. Two strangers had suddenly attacked her. How was she suppose to react? This was Survival of the Fittest. Cyrille simply sighed at this point. At this point all this thinking was useless. She was dying and she knew it. There was no point in struggling anymore... She instead let her thoughts wander in the pass. One memory was clear in her head as she held the beret close to herself.


"Grandpa why is the dog barking at us?" Cyrille asked her grandfather.

The little six year old looked up to her grandfather with big curious eyes. She was sitting on her grandfathers lap while he was sitting on a bench. Both of them had decided to visit the park that day while her mother was out shopping.

Her grandfather took off his beret for a moment and scratch his head. He looked at the family that was walking by. There was a little boy who was holding a dog's leach which at the end of it had a dog. The little poodle was barking furiously at both Cyrille and her grandfather.

"Well Cyrille..." The old man began. He stroked his beard to give the old wise man impression that Cyrille simply adored watching. "The dog is just telling us to stay away from him and his family." He answered her.

Cyrille looked back down at the dog. The girl was confused why the dog would barked at them. Obviously they were not dangerous.

"But grandpa... It's just you and me. How are we a danger to his family?" She asked once again.

Again her grandpa repeated his beard stroking. Always pretending to be the wise man.

"Well how does he know where not dangerous? It's only a little dog. It doesn't know who we are. Nor does he understand that were harmless. He's just doing the one thing he knows and that's to protect his family" He answered.

Cyrille looked back up to her grandfather with a puzzled look. Protect his family? If any dangerous monster came to attack the family the dog couldn't do anything! It was too small!

"Grandpa your being silly! That dog couldn't protect anyone!" She stated.

Her grandfather laughed at this comment. He looked down at his granddaughter and gave her a gentle smile

"Cyrille that dog doesn't care that it's small. All it cares about is the safety of it's family. That dog would do anything to make sure they are safe. Which is why it's such a amazing animal. No matter the danger it will do anything, even die, for it's family. Just like I would do anything to protect you and your mother. You'll understand this when your older." He said and gently rubbed Cyrille's head.

The little girl simply look at the little poodle as it walk away. It almost look as if it was proud to have kept Cyrille and her grandfather away. It was a curious creature in her opinion. Something that would do anything to make sure it's family was safe. She just starred at the dog with curiosity.


Cyrille laughed at that memory. Tears rolled down as she remembered her grandfather. How she missed him. How she wanted for him to protect her now. It was hopeless thinking but she desired her grandfather. She took one last glance at the fighting that was happening. Her eye looked at Reiko, the little girl who was struggling for her life. She knew that Reiko had a family and friends. She knew that this girl didn't attack in hostility. She was only trying to survive. Cyrille knew that Reiko was probably someone's little poodle. She was probably looking for her friends right now. She didn't deserve to die.

Cyrille finally realized her true mistake. She attacked Reiko for a beret. Her grandfather would be ashamed. Attack a person who did nothing wrong for a stupid beret. He wouldn't want her to waste her life over a hat and she did.

Sorry grandpa... I'll make it up to you in heaven but first...

She didn't want Reiko to die because of her mistakes. She should of never attacked but she did, and now she was going to fix it. With motivation and wild emotions, Cyrille crawled towards the fight and watched as Reiko manage to land a kick on the girl's knee. This seemed to have stunned the girl. It was enough for Cyrille to get close enough to the girl. With the opportunity, Cyrille reached out and grab the girl's legs. With whatever energy she could find, she pulled Sally with all her force. The technique worked as the girl who was already stumbling over due to the pain of the knee, felled face first towards the dirt. With that success, Cyrille looked over at the Reiko with her one eye.

"Hurry! Find your friends! Protect them alright!" She yelled at Reiko.

Hopefully this was enough to make up for her attack.
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