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They see me walking, they hating
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Reiko tried to ignore Sally as she walked towards her, spouting words of encouragement and something about being allies. Reiko wasn't interested. If there was anyone she wouldn't trust to watch her back, it was the bitch Sally. The small girl continued to collect her stuff, but then stopped when Sally put her hands on her shoulders. Reiko wasn't sure what was about to happen, but she felt that it wouldn't be good.

....“But I’m not going to.”....

At this moment, Reiko quickly grasped for her sai, but it was too late. Sally wrenched her head up by her hair, and in the next moment, something cold and metal wrapped around her throat. Sally was pulling on the necklace as hard as she could, cutting of the air way of the smaller girl's throat. Reiko tried to grab at the chain, trying to get a finger between the metal and her neck, but to no avail.

Reiko could feel herself fading as her oxygen starved body began it's protest. The attempts to alleviate the pressure on her neck became less and less frequent as her arms started to fail. So this was it. This was how Reiko Ishida was going to die? Was she just going to roll over and let someone else take her life? As Reiko's vision began to black out, she was assaulted with memories. Memories of her family, her friends, Sarah.... Every reason why she couldn't die. She still had a job to do. She needed to protect everyone that was close to her. She wasn't ready to die.

With a sudden burst, Reiko slammed her head back, connecting with the other girl's chin. It hurt Reiko like a bitch, but it also achieved the goal of Sally loosening her grip. Taking the opportunity, the smaller girl slipped through the other girl's legs, out of the grip Sally's necklace. Reiko coughed harshly as sweet air entered her lungs, giving her a new burst of energy. Sally, who had recovered from the initial blow, turned angrily on Reiko. Not wanting to give the bitch a second chance, Reiko lashed out with her foot, kicking as hard as she could. The blow landed on Sally's knee forcefully, and Reiko took this moment to scramble back to her things on her hands and knees, picking up the bloody sai and getting ready to defend herself again.
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