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Sally took slow steps towards the smaller girl as she started to look through her bag. A glimmer of satisfaction lit up her eyes when she dropped the bloody instrument. She walked up behind the other girl, bent down and put her hands on the girl’s shoulders.

“You know, I could work with you. I could watch your back while we make our way through this game. I could be your ally, I could help.”

Her left hand slipped into her dress pocket and pulled out the silver, Tiffany charm necklace.

“I could…”

Her free hand wound it self into Reiko’s hair, softly entangling her fingers,

“But I’m not going to.”

She put her left hand on the other side of the girl’s slender throat, tossed the chain the short distance to her right hand that had made it’s way down to the other side of Reiko’s neck and pulled back, tightening the little silver links against her skin.
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