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There were clearly more people down here than he'd anticipated. The light was moving closer now, and the crying seemed to have stopped. Quince hoped that he wouldn't be needed, and could possibly get by without being noticed. After all, what better way to draw potential victims to you?

Still, he needed to find a way out. And most of the class wouldn't be playing. Odds were he'd be safe. And if not, well, he was probably as able as any of them to win down in close quarters like this, as long as nobody had a gun.

He approached the light, hands up and open. "Hey guys" It was kids he recognised. Of course it was. Kids from his school. Kids that were most likely days from death. Gloria and Jessie. He'd never been close to either of them. That wasn't a good start. Neither of them wouldn't have any reason to trust him. Still, he was here now. And while he could probably take both of them on, he was sure he could use them.

"I ain't gonna kill you. Don't worry." He hoped he sounded sincere as he approached the group. His eyes were still adjusting to the new light source, so he was blinking as he moved closer to them all. "Any thoughts where we are?"
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