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He watched despairingly as Charlene rose to her feet, drawing her gun.

"No.. Stop.."

Her gun clicked down on the safety and Alex shut his eyes, breathing a sigh of relief. Jesus, this hurt. He ran his bloody hand through his hair as Hayley arrived. He looked up at her and smiled dreamily. The world was starting to feel a little hazy. He could hear Hayley and Madelyn's voices, but they sounded far away.

"Alex...Alex, baby, are you okay? No passing out on me, okay?"

"But... passing out... is my favorite... hobby" he said, smiling up at her. He leaned up, trying to slide his arm out of his jacket before letting out a cry of pain. "AHHhh-- Fuck" he said. Slowly he slid his arms free of the jacket and looked down at the wounded arm.

About halfway above his elbow a bullet had torn a path through his flesh. He looked up at Hayley. This was bad and he knew it. He could barely move the arm without wanting to double over with pain. If he had to do something with this arm, he was going to be in trouble.

He sighed, letting his head rest back against the warm ground. "Is Charlene OK?" he said, sighing gently.

He still couldn't believe that it had fallen apart so quickly. Jon had been fine. Then, like a switch being flipped, his anger had taken over. Charlene had been fine. Now she was trying to shoot at him.

"This is how they get us." he said, despairingly.
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