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Marion looked around the tunnel. "I guess it's as good a plan as any," she said with a shrug. She took a few steps forward and then realized that she was still addressing the girl by her last name. If she was going to write all this down it might be nice to actually get the girl's name right.

Turning back to face the girl. "Hey, since I'm keeping track of this and such, it's probably a good idea that I get your first name. I'm sorry, but all I can think of is Bennett."

Unfortunately Marion asked the question to any empty tunnel. She had been so busy trying to write down what had happened thus far that she had failed to keep up with Bennett. "Well, great," she mumbled to herself. "Now I'm by myself again." With a loud sigh she tucked the notebook and pencil into the pocket of her jeans and focused instead on making her way out of the tunnels.

((Marion Summers continued in Pearl and Destiny ))
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