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It hadn't taken long for someone else to show up, and Reiko cursed herself for not acting quicker. Even worse, the voice that had called out was by and far the last one she wanted to hear at that moment. Sally Connelly hated Reiko, and the sentiment was returned in kind by the smaller girl. They were never friendly to say the least, but Reiko used to have some form of respect for the other girl. After all, they were both in the same sport, and Sally was a damn good figure skater. Ever since Reiko beat her that one time though, she had made it her goal to make life a living hell for the small girl.

"Fuck you, I don't need anyone to tell me that." Reiko said in response to Sally's comment. She didn't know what the blonde girl was thinking, and quite frankly, she didn't care. Sally was a vindictive bitch, and no doubt was probably trying to just get Reiko to drop her guard. Well it wasn't going to happen. Reiko continued to crawl towards her bag, quite deliberate in her movements. Her back would be turned to Sally, but she didn't care. Sally wouldn't try anything. She may be dumb, but she wasn't dumb enough to try and attack her. Reaching her bag, Reiko released the bloody sai, and began to start collecting her things.
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