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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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((Alan Rickhall continued from 'The Cult of...'))

Alan Rickhall was eyeballing his map in confusion, he had been walking aimlessly through the island for what seemed like forever; it was a miracle that he had actually managed to catch up with Jimmy, let along get ahead of him slightly. He decided to sit down on one of the tree stumps. He didn't feel completely comfortable that he was out here in the open where anyone could carelessly inject a bullet into his back.

He surveyed the ocean of tree stumps, Alan couldn't help but think that any one of those stumps could be hiding an armed student, ready to pick him off without a moment's notice. Alan's hands started shaking again. He silently took out his photo of him and Zoey Desantra and stared at it for a few seconds.

"Was she watching me now?" He thought. "Had she even realised that he was gone yet?"
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