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(Continued from Where is My Mind? )

Sally had been walking for what seemed to be an eternity. She hadn’t encountered anyone since she left the group at the cabin and her feet were beginning to hurt. She was getting frustrated by constantly slipping around on the rocks in her shoes unfit for such strenuous activity. As she continued forward her dress snagged on a stray bush branch and ripped. Sally walked forward a few feet without noticing until she heard the unmistakable sound of a tear. The bottom of her skirt had ripped up to her upper thigh.

Sally stopped and stared at the offending branch. She walked back and stomped on the bush, breaking most of the branches off and cutting her feet a bit in the process. When she was done both she and the insolent bush were a mess. She huffed and continued walking, now holding and inspecting the ruined part of her garment.

A scream pierced the air, tearing her attention away from the rip. She looked up just in time to see Reiko Ishida stab a girl in front of the opening of one of the tunnels. The girl toppled over, but not before pushing Reiko. Sally slowly approached the scene until she was about ten feet from Reiko, now crawling towards her bags. Her eyes widened and a smile flickered across her face for a split second.

Reiko Ishida......

The name escaped into her mind like the sound of a busted gas pipe hissing into the silence. Her eyes zeroed in on the bloody knife type object in her hand. She bit her lip and tugged at a bit of her blonde hair.

“R-Reiko!” she stammered out. “I’m so glad to see someone I know, finally!” She conspicuously looked at the sai and tugged harder on her hair. “I know you aren’t a killer. You were probably just protecting yourself right? Right?”

That’s right. Put it down. Let me know I’m nice and safe. You aren’t a killer.
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