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Get away. Get away from it.

Tiffany scrambled, on hands and feet, toward William's position. Maybe he had a gun, but William wasn't a bad person. He wouldn't shoot anybody. He was a friend of Peter's, and Peter didn't make friends with bad people. William would help her find Peter and then everything would be okay. William-

-was now pointing his gun at her.

Panic again flooded through her mind. No. No. Please God, no. This sick game had already gotten to William, and she was going to die because he had to kill her to keep living. It was so unfair. Why her? Why now? She hadn't even found Peter yet. She hadn't told him anything. She looked past the gun barrel, into the eyes of her killer, eyes that were clouded with doubt and worry. Tiffany couldn't help but sympthize: holding that gun and preparing to shoot a defenseless person was not something she imagined anyone could do easily. His eyes seemed unfocused.

No. They weren't focused on her. He wasn't aiming at her. He was aiming past her.

There was the sound of movement behind her. The sound of a falling branch and a person falling close behind it. A voice spoke out from the blind spot, a voice filled with anguish and fear. A living voice (because zombies can't talk), begging for her own life to be spared. An offering of sacrifice, made to save lives like Christ had done before. Clarity and understanding came to Tiffany as she turned to face Dominic.

Dominic was alive.

She wanted to jump for joy and give him a great big hug. She had thought that Dominic had been killed, but she had been mistaken. He looked slightly bruised up, but mostly unhurt otherwise. Tiffany flashed a bright smile at Dominic. Maybe this game hadn't gone totally bad yet.

Except she could feel that William hadn't put the gun down yet. She turned back to look at William, to look into his eyes. They weren't eyes of a killer; they were eyes of a frightened teenaged boy. "William..." her voice was weak, unsure. But she needed to get through. "Don't do this. Don't... don't shoot." With a gust of will, she pushed herself up to her feet and took a slow step toward him. "It'll be... it'll just... hurt people. It's not worth it."

The seconds stretched and time seemed to stand still. She didn't know how long it was until William finally dropped his arm, letting the gun hang limply at his side. Tiffany breathed out sigh of relief. William collapsed to the ground, looking quite shaken. She looked back at Dominic, giving him a reassuring nod, before walking up to Willim and taking hold of his free hand. "It's okay now. Nobody got hurt," she said softly to him in an attempt to stave off any more apologies. "We're all okay."

He relaxed a little with her words. His focus switched to the weapon he carried, seemingly deep in contemplation. He gave voice to his insecurity and indecision, as if the gun could tell him what he should do. "We'll find friends," Tiffany assured him, "we'll find our friends and everything will be okay." The words seemed to give William strength and resolve. He looked back up at her, and then at Dominic.

Getting away from the forest. It was what William suggested, and it would be needed to be able to find more friendly faces. Friendly faces that had hopefully not been consumed by the game yet. Tiffany nodded in approval and helped William back up to his feet. "I saw a building earlier, when I was coming through the woods." She pointed in the direction she remembered seeing it, trying to take into account all the moving around she had done recently. "There might be people there. Maybe Peter will be there."

As she turned to start walking, William apologized again. God, please forgive his sins and show him the path to You. Tiffany turned to look at William again. "It's okay. We're okay now. Everything's going to be alright."

The words echoed in her head as she headed off toward where she thought that building was. It felt so strange to be saying it to somebody else. People had always been saying it to her before.

((Tiffany Baker continued in Morning Comes Slowly))

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