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Madelyn was right there by the pair's side by the time Charlene had collapsed. She hadn't even realized that Alex had been shot until he rolled off of Charlene, revealing the bullet wound in his right arm and Charlene with a few gashes. She'd never dealt with fixing a real bullet wound before; her experience with medkits was limited to:

1. Find/pick up medpack
2. ????
3. Health bar refilled

Yet, she was already tearing through the medkit, putting on a pair of rubber gloves as Hayley began to take care of Alex.

She glossed over Charlene's wounds, noticing the profuse bleeding from a gash on her left calf as well as two cuts on her neck and right arm respectively.

"Hayley! How bad is he?!" Maddy asked as she pulled the scissors out of the medkit and began cutting away at Charlene's jeans to clean and dress the wound on her calf. "Once I'm finished with this... Oh God..." The blood kept oozing from Charlene's leg, droplets splashing onto Madelyn's sleeves as she worked. She hoped that the bleeding wasn't because an artery had been hit. The only thing she knew how to do was clean and dress the wound with gauze; fixing an artery wasn't even an option.

"Charlene. Are you alright?" Madelyn instinctively asked. Of course, it was a stupid question, but maybe talking to the girl would help her calm down. "You're going to be alright, kay?"

Madelyn quickly grabbed Charlene's pack and pulled out one of her water bottles to rinse off the leg wound, now that half of her pants leg had been removed to reveal the gash. She ran her hand gently along the gash as she poured water on the blood. Though it was bleeding heavily, it wasn't very deep. Good. The only problem was, she needed another set of hands to help keep the wound clean as she put on the gauze.

"Charlene!" Madelyn yelled at the girl as she still lay seemingly paralyzed by shock in front of her. "I need you to help me with this, alright?"

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