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"Umm..." Called out from behind a corner, the terrible lighting of this man made cavern really reaking havoc with all of his senses. "If you're searching for more people looking to get away from this rock, then you have already found one." Not a moment before, the boy was enthralled by the presence of another, someone willing to be nice to someone as awkward as he. He felt a smidge of heroism, having just made a promise to his new friend that he would save her from this abomination. Now he had just jumped about a foot back out of pants shitting terror. Thankfully for him, the less than ideal lighting concealed his contorted, fearful face.

A bright flash of light shone onto the tunnel wall opposite the pair, before whipping around the corner to blind the already distraught Senior.

"My name is Max. Maxwell Crowe. I got lost in those tunnels before hearing your voices. Sorry for eavesdropping you. I needed to know beforehand if none of you is a player. Oh, and about this...

His arm went to shield his eyes from the bright light. Through the sudden shift in brightness, Peter could barely see Max's face, nevermind whatever he happened to be indicating to. About to open his mouth to respond, he was cut off by two things, one directly after the other.

"I guess, I was the lucky one to draw a gun. I don't plan to use this anytime soon... But it's better to have one rather than not..."

And then as soon as Max's finished explaining away his randomly assigned weapon, another set of voices echoed down the cavern. His eyes went wide at both of these revelations. Not only did this new kid have a gun, there were more people on the way. There was a decision that needed to be made, right then and there. They needed to run, but could he trust Max not to shoot them in the back?

And for the second time in twenty minutes, he mentally slapped himself. No one would actually play this game for the sake of playing the game. The only people who would actually fight were those who did it out of fear, out of the tensions that this situation naturally built. The fact that Max was already calm meant that he wouldn't randomly shoot later; no one in Bayview was THAT depraved. At least he seriously hoped.

"M..Max, I'm Peter. I just... We really need to get out of here, there's more people coming. I don't wanna chance getting into a scrape." With the light still shone on him, he indicated the opposite direction. "I can't see the map at all like this, but we can take care of that once we can't hear them anymore." He let out an involuntary, nervous chuckle, looking around at his companions expectantly. "We need to really go." While he couldn't put into words why, he hoped that his friends would see the reason for the fear behind meeting this second group.
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