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((Samantha Ridley continued from The Cult of...))

Samantha Ridley wandered aimlessly through the trees covering the island, still thinking of anything she could to take her mind off of the situation she found herself in. Although, the subject matter was occasionally related to her situation.

I wonder why I didn't get a quiver. Aren't those supposed to be like, I dunno, basic archery equipment or whatever? Loose arrows can not be safe. Hmmm... Can I make one? Maybe if I cut out one end of one of these duffel bags... no, it's to long... unless... What if I stuffed one end with my spare clothes and other stuff I wanna keep? That could work! Fuck yeah! This could really work! Now I just need to find something sharp enough to cut through the bag, and...

She stopped walking and scratched her head, it'd be much easier to look for what she needed if she actually knew where she was. She put her stuff on the ground so she could search her bags for her map and compass more easily. When she found them she looked around for any landmarks in the area. The Ferris Wheel seemed the most obvious point of reference compared to the map, and when comparing the map and the compass... If she was right she was in the general vicinity of the place marked 'The Gazebo.' If she found that she could pin down her location, and maybe not get lost again.

"Alright," she spoke softly to herself, "this way then...."
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