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((FYI, I gave Moth permission to break order and go ahead of me.))

Kayla's initial reaction to the more threatening and slightly despondent boy looking at her and speaking in that flat tone was to step back and swallow. When the boy with the gun looked at her, she felt like she was being analyzed slightly. It was probably her paranoia and social insecurity saying that though. A third (fourth? Should she count herself?) person approached the scene- another girl. She was holding a sledgehammer on one shoulder. Kayla shifted slightly so she could see all three people other than her well.

The other girl said her piece, why she was here. Kayla found herself nodding slightly before she nervously blurted out, "Y-yeah. I k-kinda had the same idea. I-I'm probably strong enough to take c-care of m-myself, but why take chances? A-a group could only be beneficial."

She blushed slightly. It was pretty obvious that the two boys were not very interested in either of the two girls, besides rudimentary interest based on keeping themselves safe. Of course, they were interrupting a conversation. At school, she would probably have waited on the sidelines before approaching either boy. But, this was not school, and politeness would probably get her killed. Of course, rudeness would get her killed too.
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