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Hayley wasn't thinking thoughts right now. In order to do that, she'd have to have a command of language, which she did not. Later she'd recall reading that babies did not think in words- they thought in colors, faces, sounds, emotions.

She knew how that shit felt.

She was rage. Pure fucking rage. Jon was gone now and goddammit why hadn't she put a fucking dent in his fucking face he shot at them and now and now and now she didn't even know what now but she'd FAILED and



Alex was on the floor. Alex was bleeding.

He hit Alex.


No no no no no.


This was all wrong this was all wrong this was all wrong, Hayley came here and saw Alex was okay and everything was perfect and everyone was okay and everything was fine and now, now, now, now Alex was bleeding on the floor and JON SHOT HIM and SHE LET JON GET AWAY and she hadn't done anything and this was her fault and Jon was perfectly fine, off on his way and Alex was bleeding and all he'd tried to do was make sure everyone was happy, everyone was safe, everyone would stay safe and now he was bleeding on the floor and Hayley HADN'T DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

What the FUCK is wrong with you?

What are you doing?

Why are you even HERE?

Hayley couldn't move. She was paralyzed by anger. Rage. Self-loathing.

And then she remembered. Alex. Alex. Alex.

Alex is bleeding.

Alex needs me.


Charlene had been shot too. She saw that, out of the corner of her eye, but she didn't really care. She'd barely been hurt and she'd met her, what, ten minutes ago? On the other hand...

Alex's arm was bleeding rather badly. She'd never seen so much blood outside of a video game. How bad was it? She couldn't really tell. She had no experience. If this was a video game Alex could run around for thirty seconds and the wound would be gone. In real life...

Hayley ripped her back off her back, searching desperately for the first aid kit and a bottle of water. Finding both, she removed the bandages from the kit and made her way over to Alex.

"Alex...Alex, baby, are you okay? No passing out on me, okay?" She opened the water bottle and poured the contents freely on Alex's wound. She figured it would hurt, but it was better than nothing.
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