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Charlene had always been slightly snarky. Whether it was because she was born like that or because of whom she hung out with was unknown. However, she wasn't that bad. The second she realized that stating that Chase was fucked was more than a little hurtful, she almost immediately edited her statement so that it stated that Chase was merely not in a very good position. It was better than telling Jon that Chase was dead where she stood, right?

"Shut up!" Maybe not. She wouldn't have had much of a problem with it (she'd been bitched out before), except that Jon was holding a (probably loaded and dangerous) gun. Charlene should have ducked, except that her body had frozen. About a second later, she felt something ram her from the right side, as -


Charlene hit the ground, looking up at what turned out to be her savior - Alex Campbell. Of course, with the adrenaline high of being SHOT AT, she wasn't thinking that.

"You FUCKER!" Charlene leapt up right after Alex rolled off, Jonathan's apologies for mistakenly having let off the shots in anger falling on deaf ears, as she whipped her right hand out of her bag, still clutching the pistol, now pointed at Jon, and squeezing the trigger (Luckily for Charlene, in her adrenaline-fueled rage, she had not thought to turn the safety off, thus rendering the weapon effectively harmless) in vain. After about five seconds, the high wore off, and she started to feel a sharp stinging sensation. She brought her left hand up to her neck to feel a slightly wet sensation. Pulling it into her view, she saw the red on her fingers, and on her right forearm.

Charlene didn't realize it, but she was the beneficiary of two strokes of luck; had Alex not tackled her, a bullet would have hit her directly in the right bicep, which would have effectively taken her dominant arm out, or the right side of her chest, which would have gone through the lung, probably killing her. Second, had the bullet that swiped her neck been about a quarter an inch lower, it would have grazed her collar just enough to detonate it. Either way, that wasn't what she was thinking. Even though the bullets had merely grazed her (Alex had it far worse, having taken a direct hit to the right arm), only one real train of thought was running through her head:


At that point, Charlene's brain, numb from the paralyzing fear and rage of being shot, essentially short-circuited, causing her to collapse (also, currently unknown due to the adrenaline rush and subsequent emotional outburst, a third bullet had also struck her, this one grazing her inside left calf - while the bleeding there was more severe than the other two, it was still manageable), all the while her breathing very short and quick, tears coming out of her eyes, even though she wasn't really thinking about anything except for the situation at hand:

Heshotmeheshotmeheshotmeheshotme ...
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