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Jon lifted himself, picking up the gun from the grass as he lightly touched his face and winced, his lips were cut, as he picked up his bag as he heard Hayley call at him. Jon shook his head. He hadn't mean to shoot her. It had been an accident. He turned back, Charlene wasn't dead was she? His eye's widened as he saw Alex lying on the ground near Charlene. He must of blocked the bullet for her. He shook his head slowly, they probably thought he did it on purpose, hell he wasn't sure if subconsciously he had indeed meant to pull the trigger.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!" he called as he started to move away, holding the gun forward in his other hand, his right hand still aching from the gunshot. "Don't come closer! I don't want anyone to get hurt!" he continued talking as he moved closer and closer to the edge of the Greens. Jon shuddered a bit as he wrenched his eyes from the sight as his movement started to increase as he put on speed, his arms moving widely as the bag slammed against him. "Don't let me hear you about you guys!" he called out, hoping to god they knew what he meant by that. He didn't want them to die, no one should die. But people were going to die, he knew that, they always died they'll was always people like the psycho killer ripoff from last time. He needed to protect Chase.....Jon paused in his thoughts. No, people had talked to him before, tried to be nice. He needed to make sure his class survived, he needed to kill Danya.

(Jonathan Jarocki continued Mirror Mirror)
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