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((OOC: Got to get Garry out of here as well))

Miranda watched on in bemusement as Cyrille suddenly exited the tunnel, immediately apologised to her and Saul, and then proceeded to walk away into the forest before she had time to register what exactly just happened. 'What the hell?' Miranda thought. 'She just came out of the cave like that, and then she walks away without waiting for us?'

"Cyrille, wait for us!" Garry called out in the general direction that the girl had walked in, running out of the tunnel to join the other two members of their group. "Why does she keep on doing that? We need to follow her and make sure she doesn't get into trouble," he stated, trying to look for Cyrille's form through the trees.

"No," Miranda just blurted out, drawing a shocked look from the hockey player. "I'm sorry, but that girl is only going to get herself killed if she does stuff like that all the time," Miranda spoke. "If we follow her, we're just going to get ourselves killed as well, so I'm out."

"You... you can't be serious, Miranda," Garry said, feeling and sounding hurt at her cold comments "We assured her we'd find Violetta, her girlfriend for crying out loud. Don't you have a freaking heart?" he retorted.

"I do, but I have a brain as well, and I know that Cyrille's little quest is going to be the death of us." Garry just continued to glare at her as she spoke, unwilling to satisfy her with a reply. "Fine, you can go and follow Cyrille, search for Violetta while risking all your lives in the process, but you can leave me out of this. I only joined your group because I thought I'd be safe in a group, but I guess I was dead wrong."

"Oh we will follow Cyrille and we will find Violetta," Garry said as he glared at the swimmer. "And we don't need you. You can just go where you like, do what you like, just as long as you don't interfere in what we're trying to do. If I do somehow see you again, and quite frankly I hope I don't, I won't kill you, I won't even attack you. I will just walk away and leave you alone. I am not teaming up with you again, even if you're on your knees and begging."

Miranda just glared heatedly at Garry for several seconds, breathing heavily before turning her back to him and striding off towards the trees in a different direction to Cyrille, the branch still in her hand. Soon, she was out of sight, hidden from Garry's view by the multitude of tree trunks that marked the forest edge. She did not look back at him or Saul once.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish," Garry growled, then looked in the direction that Cyrille went. "C'mon Saul, let's go find Cyrille before she gets too far ahead," he spoke, starting to walk into the forest with the ji slung over his shoulder.

((Miranda Merchant continued in No News is Good News))
((Garry Villette continued in Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light))
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