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Nobody was shooting at her at least. Celeste adjusted the hammer on her shoulder, shuffling closer to the group. As she came a little bit closer, she could see a girl--Lucky bitch got a sword!? she thought in shock--and two guys. From where she stood, neither male looked happy to see others...the girl, she had no clue about.

But even if they were less than enthusiastic about seeing her, again, at least no one shot her and sliced her open. Celeste frowned a little--briefly considering swinging the hammer, but decided against it. She was outnumbered, and no one had done anything to her yet. And she'd be much safer in a group than by herself, even if she did swap weapons.

"I don't want anything..." she called out again, switching the sledgehammer to her other shoulder. It was starting to ache. "I just thought I'd find people--civilization, whatever you wanna call it. Safety in numbers, girls being supposedly weaker sex, all that crap...I don't want to die, so why not find people who don't want to, either?"
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