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The point of her weapon buried itself into Cyrille's back, the pained screams from the other girl snapping Reiko out of her momentary rage. Her breathing was heavy, not to mention painful. She felt like her ribs were at least bruised, if not worse. She slowly pulled the sai out of the girl's back, who had momentarily stopped moving. Was she dead? Reiko wasn't sure how to feel at that moment. She was just defending herself after all, and she had said she would do whatever it took. She hadn't done the wrong thing.

Reiko was suddenly and violently thrown off Cyrille, landing on her side beside the injured girl. She clutched the sai in her hand, waiting for the other girl to lunge at her with a sudden burst of energy, but she didn't move after that. Reiko let out a breath she hadn't known she was holding. The adrenaline was starting to ebb away, the pain in her head and ribs becoming intensified. She knew right off the bat she didn't have a concussion, she had experienced those enough times in the past to know that. the cut on her forehead hurt, but she could deal with that later.

One thing she knew for sure was she needed to get away. Get away from the crazy girl who had attacked her. The one who now lay motionless beside her, her breathing shallow. The one who she had stabbed. It hurt too much to stand, so Reiko opted simply to crawl to her bags, the bloody sai clutched in her left hand. She had to keep moving, before anyone else came on the scene. She didn't need them to think she was a killer.
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