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Cyrille was slowing down her punches. She was calming down and finally realizing what she was doing. Before she could react to all of it she felt fingers claw at her face. Suddenly one of the said fingers instantly jab into her eye. Pain shot from her eye instantly as she yelled out. The girl then proceed to take this chance to throw Cyrille off of her.

Ignoring her surrounding, Cyrille hands were covering her eye as she press her forehead onto the ground. The pain was beyond what Cyrille had felt before. Sure she had poke her eyes before but this was different. This time she was feeling blood coming out. She tried to open her eyelid in a painful attempt, and noticed something was wrong. She couldn't see with her eye! She was blind from her eye!

Before she could do anything about it she felted her breath get knock out of her when a sudden weight felled on top of her. She felt her own finger jab into her injured eye as her face was forced into the ground. She tried to cry out in pain but she was out of breath as the already injured eye was stabbed once more.

Then the real pain began.

Cyrille felt a sudden piercing pain shoot through her back and into her lower torso. She howled in pain as the new sudden pain had appeared. Something had just pierce her lower torso. Cyrille was frantic to get the Reiko off of her. She tried twisting and turning her body as the pain stayed in her lower torso. The girl was scared now. She didn't understand what was going on. Tears and blood were poring down from her eyes as she tried to make sense of it all. Was she stabbed in the back?

Violetta where are you?

She wanted everything to go away. She just wanted the bitch to go away. With a last surge of strength she used her arms to push herself off the ground and twist around to throw the girl off her back.
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While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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