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Mr. Danya
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She wasn't supposed to be here! She wasn't supposed to be on this fucking trip! She wasn't even supposed to be in this fucking country!

((Alice Boucher Start))

Why the hell had her parents, in their stupid, stupid, fucking idiotic fucking stupidness ever thought it was a fucking smart idea to send her to fucking America!?!? They had every other fucking country in the fucking planet to pick from, and they send her to America where she gets abducted by some fucking terrorists who fucking put a collar on her neck and fucking give her a random bag which just has some fucking whip in it, and tell her she has to fucking kill every fucking American fucker in the fucker school if she wants to go fucking home to her fucking idiot parents without getting killed first!?!


Alice Boucher had been walking around the island aimlessly for a long time now, stopping to kick at trees and plants every short while and scream obscenities at the top of her lungs; by some small miracle she had narrowly avoided alerting her presence to any other students, although Alice was far too pissed off to appreciate that. Instead, she was acknowledging her bleak situation.

"You fucking idiots!" she repeated for the thirtieth time, having cried out all of her tears long ago, leaving her face dry as she screamed. "You fucking send me to this fucking country! You fucking send me to this fucking school! You even fucking send me to the fucking trip! You fucking – I hate you mama and father! I want you both dead!"

She had been clenching her teeth so much between screaming rants that her jaw was starting to go sore, and between that and her hoarse throat, the situation wasn't doing anything to make her feel any better. It wouldn't have helped though; nothing would have made Alice's day any better.

"You do as you're told young lady!" her parents had screamed at her over the phone, with their fucking idiotic voices. "You are going on that trip, and that's final!" She had gone up to her room screaming almost as much as she had when her parents had told her she was going to America in the first place after that conversation; she really hated it when her parents told her what to do. If it wasn't for their money, she'd just run away from them and never look back.

"I FUCKING HATE YOU!" she screamed once more through her burning throat, still far out of earshot of her parents who were oblivious to her situation. But for the third time in her life, throwing a tantrum was not helping her.

In a brief moment of walking through some greenery without yelling out, she had been able to hear the sound of other students coming from her side. Rage built up inside her, as she felt everything that had happened was there fault; if it wasn't for them, she wouldn't have been on the island, or playing this game, or have a sore throat. It was their fault, and she wanted to make it clear!

Pushing her way through the foilage in a fit of rage, oblivious to the terrified cries of David, she pushed her way out into plain view of all three people standing in front of her, two of them quite clearly armed, and as brimming with rage as she was, a sharp sword and a gun can do wonders for anger management.

She couldn't scream anymore, and not just because her voice was going; she was scared. She was scared, angry, and completely helpless.

"Uh." was all she could utter, her face frozen in fear of the lethal situation she had walked straight into.
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