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Reiko felt her feet give way under her, then suddenly she was laying on her back on the ground. It took a moment for her to figure out just what happened, and by then Cyrille had mounted her, punching her in the face. Out of instinct, Reiko covered her face with her arms, but she could already feel something trickling down near her eyebrow. One of the hits had lacerated the skin just above her eyes, and it was now bleeding. Cyrille had snapped, and the larger girl just kept hitting Reiko, although the impacts of the punches were lessened now that she had put her arms up.

She needed to act fast, before this girl beat her to death. Reiko had never been in a situation like this before, but she knew she wasn't going to just sit there and take it. Without even thinking, Reiko's hand shot out, clawing at Cyrille's face. her index finger found the girl's eyes, and without thinking, the smaller girl jabbed hard with her finger, causing a howl of pain to come from Cyrille. It was dirty, but it was effective. Taking advantage of the moment, Reiko was able to slip Cyrille off her.

Still on the ground, but now free of the weight of the other girl, Reiko got up to a sitting position. Adrenaline was coursing through her veins, dulling the slight throb in her ribs. Cyrille was beside her on the ground, clutching at her face. She didn't even think about what she was doing. Removing the sai that was hanging off her belt, Reiko jumped onto the girl's back, forcing her face first into the ground. Holding the weapon in her tiny hands, she brought the point down hard with a yell of exertion, not caring where it went, just as long as it found it's home in the bitch who attacked her. No one was going to attack her and get away with it.
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