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Cyrille was quite in shock with the recent event. She had fallen over after the girl furiously pushed her away and yelled at her. Cyrille was both afraid and angry. The girl sudden reaction was not expected at all and Cyrille was lost in thoughts in what to do. Suddenly she felt something on her heat was missing.

Her grandfather's beret.

She quickly forgotten about the enrage girl and look around for her beret. She was terrified now. Her dearest possession was mixing. Her eyes finally caught sight of it.

Under the foot of the girl.

That was enough to flush away the girls fears and let anger take over.

"GRANDPA! BITCH! GET OFF MY GRANDFATHER'S BERET!" She suddenly yelled out at the girl.

With a burst of energy she stood up and suddenly charged the girl. She send all of her weight as she tackled the girl to the ground. With both anger and tears she let her fists go free as they swung at the girl's head.

"All I wanted was information! What the fuck is wrong with you!?!"

Cyrille was beyond pissed off. She was tired of this. Tired of all the paranoia. Tired of everyone getting angry. She just wanted to go home with Violetta. She just kept punching the girl and let her angry vent out.
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While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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