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Alex looked over at Jon and Charlene, frowning softly as Charlene spoke about Jon's friend in an unnecessarily callous way. He was about to speak when-

"Shut up!"

Jon's gun was coming up, almost faster than Alex could think. For a second he was in shock.

"Jon! Fuck NO!" he cried out with his concious mind.

His legs were moving beneath him, without his behest, towards Charlene. Alex couldn't see it. He didn't know that Jon firing was an accident. Only that there was a second's hesitation between the gun being raised, and bullets rattling free.

He was jumping towards Charlene. He didn't recall the decision being made. One second he was seeing Jon raise the gun, the next he was flying headlong through the air toward Charlene.

The gun rattled, astonishingly loud.


More than he'd ever felt.

Every nerve ending on his body screaming at once.


Then, his body hitting Charlene's, her side impacting his right shoulder.

The pain flared again into a white hot ball of agony.

They fell to the ground, he landed on top of her. He rolled off and clutched at his right arm. It was wet.


He held his hand up in front of him. It was red with blood. There was a hole in him. The thought went through him and the bottom of his stomach fell out.

He seen Madelyn coming over to them. He looked over to Charlene, panting and wincing in pain. She was bleeding too, but still alive. "Are... you al... right?" he said, the words an effort for him.
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