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Cyrille sighed in relief as she saw some girl who seemed to be looking at some sort of picture. It looked like the girl was simply wandering around instead of playing. Cyrille's next thoughts on the other hand troubled her. She couldn't afford to make anymore mistakes. Should she stay low and wait for the girl to pass by? Or should she talk to her?

Well considering how many mistakes you made today... You should really think about this one.

Obviously talking to the girl might be dangerous. Even do she didn't seem like she was playing, she could easily be doing otherwise.


What if the girl was playing? What if Garry and Saul came along and she attacked them? She didn't want that. The two boys had went out of their way to help her look for Cyrille. She was defenseless and they took her in. She had to repay the debt somehow.

Well girl you got yourself into this mess so you better get yourself out of it. Don't get others involved.

With that new resolution she stood up from her hiding spot and approached the girl.

"Hey there... Hey? Excuse me? My name is Cyrille and you are?"
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While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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